Aeropress: alternative means coffee equipment at affordable prices

coffeecangkir greetings. Coffee is a beverage that has a distinctive aroma, and its processing. on this occasion I will write about coffee processing, equipment manuals that the results are quite promising and could be an alternative for coffee lovers who have not been able to buy a standard espresso machine that costs thousands of dollars.

aeropress Aeropress: alternative means coffee equipment at affordable pricesas a beginner in the world of coffee like I need a lot of input and reference, I got a lot of references from, and I hope this article and add to my knowledge as well as visitors to the blog about coffee

This tool named Aeropress, created by Alan Adler, one of the scientists from Stanford University-united states. This tool works by air pressure that drives the water and coffee through the  filter underneath using paper-based filter.

How to use this tool by pressing the plunger. Consists of several parts: 1) chamber; 2) plunger; 3) cap and paper filter. It had three main components of the Aeropress, the rest are complementary, such as funnel and stirrer.

Some important factors to consider when you make coffee using the Aeropress is:
1. How to install body Aeropress (Ordinary / Reversed; Inverted / Non-Inverted Method)
2. Size / Rate Smoothness
3. Immersion time
4. Process and the Old Emphasis

Aeropress method illustrated in the form of video

A Brewing Guide Episode 1: Aeropress from Stephen Leighton on Vimeo.

and the method of making this video with the Aeropress Inverted-type Method

Aero Press Brewing Guide from Clive Coffee on Vimeo.

Aeropress is simple, yet is able to produce good coffee, especially for coffee lovers who crave espresso coffee

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