French press/Cafetière: easy way to make delicious coffee

coffeecangkir greetings. in this article I will try to discuss about the French press. is a tool for making coffee that is quite easy to use. how the French press is almost the same as the “Aeropress: alternative means coffee equipment at affordable prices” but the French press has its own uniqueness

How to use it easily.

france French press/Cafetière: easy way to make delicious coffee1. Grind your own coffee beans coarse powder. Or prepare a coarse coffee grounds. Do not be too fine, because in addition to making us work hard against the powder trapped in the filter, it will also waste a lot of swallowed.

2. Remove the cover and the filter of the coffeemaker. Measure out 5 tablespoons of coffee (25 grams) for 6 cups (1.4 L) of water. Boil water, then chill 30 seconds or more. If you have a water heater, just used. 90-96 degrees Celsius enough parts to this. Oh yes, you are certainly free to add or subtract coffee Coffee is more viscous

3. Enter the coffee into the coffeemaker. Pour a little hot water first. Stir gently with a plastic or wooden spoon (so as not to damage the coffee maker). Stir until frothy coffee blossom and Crema. Fresh ground coffee will look beautiful issuing Crema. Then pour the remaining hot water. Stir again.

4. Attach the filter and lid. Note that the filter should be lifted all the way up.

5. Let stand for 4 minutes. This is not absolute. But if more than 4 minutes, the bitter elements will go much more into our drinks.

6. Press the plunger. Wait half a minute until the dregs settle. Gently pour the coffee into the cup to prevent the rest of the dregs come forth. Do not let the remaining coffee in the coffeemaker, as it will become bitter. If it is made too much coffee, put it in a thermos.

7. Let the cup of coffee in a minute, before you start

French press method illustrated in the form of video

a french press method from hufort on Vimeo.

for more optimal use of the French press, first of all of course you must have a good grinder, coffee grinders meaning that can be set smooth-rough. suitable grinder for French press? Coffee grinder with conical blade system. Use medium to grind with coarse setting (if in Latina around number 4), Extraction of four minutes is plenty of time to issue it is recommended to give coffee flavor. Press and enjoy.

basically all the tools of good coffee, you comfortable using this type of tool that you like and of course affordable prices. Therefore delicious coffee is not always expensive

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