Various combinations Coffee Favors

coffeecangkir greetings. on this occasion I will share a combination of delicious food and drinks made from coffee. Coffee is a delicious beverage, distinctive aroma and steady, coffee is also suitable in combination with fruit, milk, chocolate etc.. on this occasion I will share a recipe based on a combination of coffee, so we could experience the joys of coffee in more and varied.
Here are some recipes.

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seduh Various combinations Coffee Favors
- 1 banana king / can be other types, reserving a little for garnish
- 60 ml of cold coffee
- 60 ml of fresh milk
- 15 ml simple syrup / taste
- 30 ml brown SKM
- 1 cup ice cubes

how to make
- Prepare the blender
- Add 60 ml of cold coffee, fresh milk 60 ml, 15 ml simple syrup / according to taste, 30 ml SKM chocolate. blend about 2 minutes until well blended.
-add bananas
- Add 1 cup ice cubes and blend until smooth / flat
- completed

prepare a glass / cup or container, additional Garnish: whipped cream, leftover diced bananas on it. combination of coffee ready to drink, if you have additional creations please let me appear more steady and ciamik

Banana coccoffee


-1 Oz expresso single
-1 Banana milk
-120 Ml of milk chocolate
-skm brown / brown pasta 1 small jigger
-1 Small spoon cocoa powder / cocoa
3 scup-chocolate ice cream
-1 Scup ice cubes
-1 Small jigger simple syrup (if dperlukan)
-2 Oreo (1 without butter for ingredients), 1 again for topingnya

the above materials in the blend, pour in a glass

Frappuccino recipe basic

1 cup full of black coffee + Ice Cube (Espresso is the best) + milk (do not reply UHT) to meet the already existing cup + 2 tablespoons ice cubenya milk powder. then blend in a blender until the ice cubes gently. If you want to add another flavor or vanilla syrup hazellnut. if you want to add chocolate flavor chocolate sauce.

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